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Tony Surphman Rovux Interview

2 min read


TonySurphman is an Actor, Martial-Arts expert & social media sensation based out of Los Angeles, California. As a fitness & conditioning professional we are proud to call him a Rovux ambassador & got together with him to in the form of an interview to ask some questions on his training methods &


As an individual who is at the top of your field how often do you recommend people should train?

Respectful to all levels, I recommend for people to form a schedule they can stay
consistent with. The point is to develop a healthy lifestyle, its about forming healthy habits. The human body can handle training everyday, moderate your output & time, gradually increasing difficulty, moderately so that you can progressively stay committed. 

How do you stay motivated?

I believe that motivation is synonymous with being stimulated. Some of my strategies which help my brain keep getting excited to train is by creating different playlists for my workout sessions. As well as great workout outfits & sneakers. Another key is to always try something new when training, there are numerous materials online on different types of exercises & how to do them properly. When the body gets to do something new, the mind gains a bit of fulfillment each time, in turn, increasing the desire to keep chasing progression, specially when your physical form starts to gain the benefit & show.


Whats in your playlist?

My training playlists are usually high-energy & non genre-specific, but in the realm of Hip-hop, I like artists like DMX, BigPun, & PopSmoke for weight-lifting. For martial- arts training I like to listen to Mobb Deep, I also like to listen to cinematic instrumentals to get creative & get in the zone.

Cardio or Weight Training?

I currently prefer cardio because it involves flexibility & combat performance training which is most important for my action role career. Weight Training is something I do to build my physique & I am close to developing to the degree in which is most adequate for the athleticism that I need to portray on camera.

Some quick nutrition tips?

Stay away from saturated-fats & watch your sugar intake. Make sure to be mindful of your portions to not over-eat & Make sure to eat on a consistent schedule. Eat as fresh & organic as possible, stay away from foods which are high preservatives.

What’s next?

I’m currently focusing on my career as an Actor & growing continue on social-media. I’ve currently completed some big projects I cannot announce yet, as well as prospected for some upcoming major film-projects as well. The current goal is to become an undeniable force & to flood the internet with content for the rest of the year.