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Size: US Men's 6 - US Women's 7.5 - EU 39
US Men's 6 - US Women's 7.5 - EU 39
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The ROVUX Ghost

Remain low-key in style with the ROVUX Ghosts thanks to a simple yet elegant hi-top design. Soft canvas showcases vertical contrasting stripes and expertly stitched patterns, giving an almost graphical attention to detail. Super flat soles allow you to smoothly glide on common surfaces so quietly a cat would be jealous. Despite their lightness, the sneaker is durable thanks to high-quality materials to ensure great style without compromising your feet or sneaker in the process. Comes in a variety of colors to match your taste. 


Elevate Your Shoe Game With The ROVUX Ghost


    Everyone's going crazy for the ROVUX Ghost! Here's why:

    • The versatility of this shoe makes it perfect for exercise or casual wear!

    • Our TPR polymer insoles create cushioning support in every step.

    • Lightweight breathability makes this design perfect for any form of training.

    • We offer worldwide shipping!


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